Know to change.

Wakaru is a consulting firm dedicated to make things happen on behalf of our Customers.
We’re committed to design, enable and promote organizational change, in an effective way.
We strongly believe in Customer knowledge. We believe that an informed and conscious Customer, will be able and willing to do more and more complex projects with us, understanding all reasons for change with the right sense of urgency.


Wakaru is a Japanese verb meaning: to understand, to see, to follow 分かる.
We believe you need to know and, when you know, you change.
Let us help in the process and we will build future together.

Wakaru is a Ideias Dinâmicas – Tecnologias SGPS participated company

ITGest, Pryog, Positive Blue and Kentra, are Ideias Dinâmicas – Tecnologias SGPS group companies and Wakaru’s business partners.

Our Services

We connect and align business and technology at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


Everyday businesses face complex and diversified challenges. If you need specialized advice about how technology and its management, can help you to achieve or sustain your business objectives, we can set up a multi-disciplinary and cross-generation team which will explore your challenge from different perspectives and possible solutions. We’ll find the best course of action for you.

Assets Management
Lifecycle Programs

Many businesses depend eavily on assets. Managing and optimizing their lifecycle is key for your success. We blend knowledge, experience, best practices and regulations to ensure that at investment, operation and maintenance levels you protect your business while complying to the most demanding requirements, internal or external.

Procurement Lifecycle

From our experience, we can help you in any phase of the procurement lifecycle. We will not look for the cheaper solution or the one in the edge of technology, we will balance every internal and external factor, protecting your current investment and ensuring that your decision will impact positively the organization because you are prepared to deal with it and to get real benefits from that investment. If you need to review the performance or the relationship model of your technology or service partners we will find were you can tune or design a complete new partners ecossystem for you.

Research & Development Innovation

Beginning in the idea phase until the innovation materialization in a process, a new product or service, we’ll be serving you organically. We’ll try to understand your business in detail and build opportunities to improve. We create, we co-create with you, we will travel the world to find who can help us to build the best team, find the resources and, if possible, to reduce your investment. At the end, we’ll build and deploy a business oriented systemic approach to open innovation.

Strategic Planning
and Business Alignment

Building bridges between business, operations and technology requires the capacity to understand inner relationships between the organization, processes, applications and systems and make them efficient. This is essencial for a better internal and now, external alignment, due to new business and technology delivery models.

Governance, Risk
and Compliance

Design and implementation of governance frameworks and compliance programmes based on business objectives, best practices, laws and regulations. Identify, assess, measure and monitor risks.on a long term basis. Embed risk in your business practice and let management at all levels be conscious about the business impact of their actions and decisions.

Audit and Review

Audit, gap analysis and maturity assessments to understand how do you compare with generally accepted best practices standards, laws and regulations you might need to care and/or comply with. Enable a positive environment that embraces organizational change and motivates every stakeholder to be part of that change as fully engaged team member.


Water Wise System

The W2S-Water Wise System focuses on the ability to monitor, control and manage in real-time water supply networks by creating operational intelligence, converging real-time analytical and predictive vectors over a geo-referenced view of all data from the network and external sources.
The solution is agnostic to equipment manufacturers and communication protocols. In this way the W2S provides an aggregate view of the whole ecosystem that constitutes the reality of a water network management entity.
Its implementation is phased in line with the elimination of constraints that limit operational optimization levels and alignment with a Water Smart Grid concept.
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Our Work

We’ve been working for Customers in Africa, Europe and South East Asia since 1986.
Among those are multinational companies from Energy and Utilities, Telecommunications, Financial Services, High Tech and Public Administration.
Our assignments ranged from audit to advisory, training, systems design and implementation, project management to innovation, research and development.

About Us

If you want to know more about our experience and our Customers, give us a call.
We and our Customers will be glad to answer your questions.


We master the best practices and international standards both in business and technology. That’s why we integrate those frameworks in a totally different approach, by a unique process framework with embedded internal controls, you'll be able to answer multiple requirements. This way, you will reduce the organizational impact of the change and you can expect higher levels of acceptance, resilience and sustainability. This means that your results in internal and external audits will be better than your competitors.
But above all, we create a positive environment that embraces change and operational efficiency. But we do systems too. Those you’ll be using in the future, systems able to anticipate what's going to happen just by observing current reality. Helping you to achieve unrivaled levels of operational efficiency. We're doing this by partnering with customers on a long term basis.

Multi Capability

We’re addicted to address the unknown. We’re fascinated by doing things for the very first time. We’re delighted by an educated conversation and discussion about complex and challenging problems that no one has found a solution. We take calculated risks.

Whenever needed, we build networks with analysts and subject matter experts, from social sciences to management and technology, to provide you a single source of knowledge and an integrated solution.

In the past, we’ve delivered several R&D projects funded by national and international programs like Eureka in European Union. If you need a partner or to establish partnerships with Research Centers at Universities or Institutes, we’re able to find the one that best suits your needs.

Our Process

We love to think 'out of the box'. We like to put things in perspective and discover new possibilities.













Management Team

Our consulting team has an extensive international experience and holds several professional certifications from the Institute of Asset Management, itSMF International (ITIL), ISACA-International Systems Audit and Control Association (CISA, CGEIT, CISM, CRISC) and, ISO-International Standards Organization (ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001 as Certified Implementation Consultants and Lead Auditors). Since its very first beginning in 2016, we’ve established a close relationship and networking with the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) at the Law Faculty of the Maastricht University too.

Vitor Prisca


CGEIT, CISM, CRISC, ISO 27001 Certified Implementation Consultant, ISO 20000 Certified Implementation Consultant, IAM Certified Asset Manager, ITIL Certified and ITGI Expert Reviewer (COBIT). Certified Data Protection Officer

Fernando Estrela

Partner | IT GRC.

CGEIT, CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, ISO 20000 Auditor & Practitioner, IAM Certified Asset Manager, ITIL Certified, Cobit Certified.

Paulo Esteves

Partner | R&D and Utilities CoE

ITIL® Foundation Certified in IT Service Management; Certified Startup business model innovation Accelaration Program; Professional Training in Design Thinking; Professional Training in DO Tools and DO Business; Co-author of "Solutions for detection of non-technical losses in the electricity grid: A review” Article in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews; Co-author of “Clustering-based novelty detection for identification of non-technical losses” Article in International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems

certifications, accreditations and memberships

certifications, accreditations and memberships

Corporate support and social responsibility

Wakaru’s integrated management system policy

De acordo com o disposto do n.º 1 do Art. 37º-A da Lei nº 114/2017 de 29 de dezembro, a Agência Nacional de Inovação reconheceu a idoneidade da Wakaru Consulting, Lda., para a prática de atividades de investigação e desenvolvimento nos seguintes domínios técnico-científicos: ÁGUA E AMBIENTE: Gestão e utilização eficiente de recursos hídricos; ENERGIA: Cidades Inteligentes, TIC e Redes Energéticas Inteligentes; TIC: Internet das Coisas, Ciber-segurança, Telecomunicações e Infraestruturas, TIC aplicadas à Indústria (Robótica, …), TIC aplicadas à Saúde, TIC aplicadas às Indústrias Criativas, TIC na Administração Pública, TIC nas Empresas.

Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 37-A of Law No. 114/2017 of December 29, the Portuguese National Innovation Agency recognized the suitability of Wakaru Consulting, Lda., For the practice of research and development in the following technical and scientific fields: WATER AND ENVIRONMENT: Management and efficient use of water resources; ENERGY: Intelligent Cities, ICT and Intelligent Energy Networks; ICT: Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications and Infrastructures, ICT applied to Industry (Robotics, …), ICT applied to Health, ICT applied to Creative Industries, ICT in Public Administration, ICT in Companies.

Find us

We will be where you need us.
Our offices in Portugal are located in

Wakaru Consulting
Rua Dr. Gomes Leal, 3-A
2560-331 Torres Vedras

LISPOLIS Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa Rua António Champalimaud Lote 1 Sala 0.16
1600-514 Lisboa

Madan Parque, Rua dos Inventores 2.07
2825-182 Caparica
+351 965 243 474
+351 210 518 880

News Room

Press Release • 06/08/2018


Realizou-se no passado dia 26 de Julho, no Centro de Convenções da Cidade do Conhecimento (Ciudad del Saber) no Panamá, o Global Demo Day 2018 Latin America.

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News • 06/08/2018

Wakaru foi distinguida como uma das 10 melhores startups do mundo no sector das águas

Wakaru foi distinguida como uma das 10 melhores startups do mundo com inovações no sector das águas e irá participar no H2O Challenge, na cidade do Panamá, a decorrer de 16 a 27 de Julho de 2018

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News • 20/09/2018

Water Wise – solução

O Water Wise System é uma solução inovadora que está a ser desenvolvida no contexto de um projeto de I&DT apoiado pelo programa Portugal 2020...

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Designação do Projecto: W + INT: Reforço das competências empreendedoras da Wakaru Consulting para a internacionalização

Entidade Beneficiária: Wakaru Consulting, Lda.

Aviso Nº 17 / SI / 2016

Nº Projecto: 025518

Código Universal: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-025518.

Entidade Beneficiária: Wakaru Consulting, lda

Tipo de Projecto: Internacionalização de PMEs

Programa Operacional Programa Operacional Regional da Região Centro

Objectivo Temático: OT 3 - Reforçar a competitividade das PME

Prioridade de Investimento: IP 3.2 - O desenvolvimento e aplicação de novos modelos de negócios para as PME, nomeadamente em matéria de internacionalização

Tipologia de Intervenção: TI 52 - Internacionalização de PMEs

Fundos: FEDER

Visão geral do projecto: Internacionalização da empresa e inovação de técnicas e modelos de comercialização.

Os objetivos estratégicos da empresa estão posicionados no mercado nacional e internacional com uma oferta diferenciadora, inovadora e de qualidade no setor de água. Atualmente a empresa já opera no mercado angolano, pretendendo penetrar também nos mercados de Cabo Verde e Moçambique. Para tal, definiu os seguintes objetivos estratégicos a serem alcançados:

  1. Aumentar o volume de negócios internacional, reforçando a sua posição em Angola e entrando em dois novos mercados;
  2. Fortalecer a equipa com talentos qualificados;
  3. Certificar o seu Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade segundo a norma ISO9001 e a Norma Portuguesa de Inovação, I&D;
  4. Alcançar uma taxa de exportação de 35,5%.

Data de aprovação 2017/05/18

Data de ìnicio 2017/08/24

Data de conclusão 2019/08/23

Investimento: € 290,652.50

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: FEDER - € 130,793.63


Project name: W + INT: Strengthening Wakaru's entrepreneurial skills for internationalization

Beneficiary: Wakaru Consulting, Lda.

Public Notice: 17 / SI / 2016

Project Number: 025518

Universal Code:CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-025518.

Beneficiary:Wakaru Consulting, lda

Project Type: Internationalization of SMES

Operational Program: Regional Operational Program of the Center Region

Thematic Objective: OT 3 - Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Investment Priority: IP 3.2 - The development and application of new business models for SMEs, especially with regard to internationalization

Typology of Intervention: IT 52 - Internationalization of SMEs

Funds: ERDF

Project overview: Internationalization of the company and innovation of techniques and marketing models

The strategic objectives of the company are positioned in the national and international market with a distinct, innovative and quality offer in the water sector. Currently the company already operates in the Angolan market, intending to penetrate also in the markets of Cape Verde and Mozambique. To this end, it defined the following strategic objectives to be achieved:

  1. To increase international turnover by strengthening its position in Angola and entering two new markets;
  2. Strengthen the team with qualified talent;
  3. To certify his Quality Management System under the ISO9001 standard and the Portuguese standard for Innovation, R&D;
  4. Achieve an export rate of 35.5%.

Date Approved: 2017/05/18

Start date: 2017/08/24

Date to be completed: 2019/08/23

Investment: € 290,652.50

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF - € 130,793.63


Designação do Projecto: W+QUAL: Reforço da capacidade de gestão e organização da Wakaru e certificação dos seus processos internos, tendo em vista o incremento da competitividade e da capacidade de resposta no mercado global

Aviso nº: 18 / SI / 2016

Nº Projecto: 025510

Código Universal: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-025510

Entidade Beneficiária: Wakaru Consulting, lda

Tipo do Projecto: Qualificação do SMES

Programa Operacional: Programa Operacional Regional da Região Centro

Objetivo temático: OT 3 - Reforçar a competitividade das PME

Prioridade de Investimento: IP 3.3 - Concessão de suporte para a criação e extensão de recursos avançados de desenvolvimento de produtos e serviços

Tipologia de Intervenção: TI 53 - Qualificação e Inovação de PMEs

Fundos: FEDER

Visão geral do projeto: Reforço da capacidade de gestão e organização interna. Desenho, implementação e certificação do seu sistema de gestão de acordo com a ISO9001 e NP4457.

Com este projeto, a empresa pretende reforçar a sua capacidade organizacional e de gestão, através da implementação de certificações ao nível de Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade e de IDI, segundo as normas ISO 9001: 2015 e NP 4457: 2007, respectivamente, do reforço da equipa com recursos qualificados em áreas consideradas prioritárias pela empresa, e aderência a diversos mercados nacionais e internacionais (plataformas de software / suporte para gestão de projetos e compras públicas), além de criar e registrar internacionalmente a marca Water Wise e registo internacional da marca Wakaru existente, com vista a consolidar a sua presença no mercado nacional, entrar em novos mercados estrangeiros (Moçambique e Cabo Verde) e fortalecer a sua posição no mercado Angolano.

Como parte integrante da sua estratégia para os mercados internacionais, a empresa pretende-se concentrar na oferta de soluções para a modernização das redes de água, através da implementação de sistemas inteligentes de gestão de água nomeadamente na eficiência do nexus água e energia, garantia da qualidade e segurança do abastecimento de água.

Data de aprovação: 2017/07/26

Data de ínicio: 2017/11/01

Data de conclusão: 2019/10/31

Investmento: € 182,205

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: FEDER - € 81,992.25


Project name: W + QUAL: Strengthening Wakaru's management and organizational capacity and certification of its internal processes, with a view to increasing competitiveness and responsiveness in the global market

Public Notice: 18 / SI / 2016

Project Number: 025510

Universal Code: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-025510

Beneficiary: Wakaru Consulting, lda

Project Type: Qualification of SMES

Operational Program: Regional Operational Program of the Center Region

Thematic Objective: OT 3 - Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Investment Priority: IP 3.3 - Granting support to the creation and extension of advanced product and service development capabilities

Typology of Intervention: TI 53 - SME qualification and innovation

Funds: ERDF

Project overview: Reinforcement of management capacity and internal organization. Design, implementation and certification of your management system in accordance with ISO9001 and NP4457.

With this project, the company intends to strengthen its organizational and management capacity, through the implementation of certifications at the level of Quality Management Systems and Innovation, R&D, according to ISO 9001: 2015 and NP 4457: 2007 standards, respectively, of the reinforcement of the team with qualified HR in areas considered to be a priority by the company, and adherence to various national and international marketplaces (software / support platforms for project management and public procurement), as well as creating and internationally registering the Water Wise brand and international registration of the existing Wakaru brand, with a view to consolidating its presence in the domestic market, as well as entering new foreign markets (Mozambique and Cape Verde) and strengthening its position in the Angola market.

As part of the international markets, the company intends to focus on offering solutions for the modernization of water networks, namely the implementation of intelligent water management systems for efficient water and energy management and guaranteeing the quality and security of water supply.

Date Approved: 2017/07/26

Start date: 2017/11/01

Date to be completed: 2019/10/31

Investment: € 182,205

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF - € 81,992.25



Designação do Projecto: W2S: Sistema “Water Wise”

Aviso nº: 33 / SI / 2015

Nº de Projecto: 017904

Código Universal: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017904

Entidade Beneficiária: Wakaru Consulting, lda

Tipo de Projecto: Equipas de Investigação e Desenvolvimento (I&D) nas Empresas – Projetos co-promoção

Programa Operacional: Programa Operacional de Competitividade e Internacionalização

Objectivo Temático: OT 1 – Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

Prioridade de Investimento: PI 1.2 -Promoção do investimento empresarial em inovação, investigação e desenvolvimento (I&D)

Tipologia de Intervenção: IT 47 – Atividades nas áreas da inovação, investigação e desenvolvimento (I&D)

Fundos: FEDER

Visão geral do projecto: Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação.

O projeto W2S visa desenvolver um sistema de rede inteligente capaz de monitorizar, controlar e gerir, em tempo real, as redes de distribuição de água no nível das redes de baixa pressão, de forma agnóstica, com respeito aos fabricantes de equipamentos e protocolos de comunicação. Visando atingir o objetivo proposto, o consórcio definiu uma abordagem de desenvolvimento de software com tratamento preditivo e em tempo real de grandes volumes de dados (integrados em um sistema de gestão SCADA) e o desenvolvimento e integração de hardware (incluindo a escolha de elementos sensores inteligentes inovadores, o desenvolvimento de um gerador de energia hidroelétrica e a evolução para Zonas de Operação Inteligentes, em oposição às Zonas de Medição e Controle.

Os desenvolvimentos esperados permitirão que o sistema de gestão possa ler, armazenar e manipular grandes volumes de informações baseadas em arquiteturas de IoT (antecipando problemas e planejando operações, a fim de aumentar o uso de informações em tempo real), para apresentar um interface amigável, contribuir para a gestão eficiente do nexo água-energia, garantir a qualidade e segurança do abastecimento de água, reduzir o consumo de energia e reduzir as perdas. O consórcio é constituído pela Wakaru, Consulting, Lda. e Tecnilab - Portugal - Sociedade de Planeamento Técnico e Científico, S.A ..

Data de aprovação: 2017/06/21

Data de ínicio: 2017/05/07

Data de conclusão: 2019/11/04

Investmento: € 1.224,641.58

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: FEDER - € 872,962.42


Project name: W2S: Water Wise System

Public Notice: 33 / SI / 2015

Project Number: 017904

Universal Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017904

Beneficiary: Wakaru Consulting, lda


Operational Program: Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization

Thematic Objective: OT1 - Strengthening research, technological development and innovation

Investment Priority: PI 1.2 - Promoting business investment in Innovation, R&D

Typology of Intervention: IT 47 - Business R&D Activities

Funds: ERDF

Project overview: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation.

The W2S project aims to develop an intelligent network system capable of monitoring, controlling and managing, in real time, water distribution networks at the level of the low-pressure networks, in an agnostic way with respect to the equipment manufacturers and communication protocols. Aiming at achieving the proposed objective, the consortium defined a software development approach with predictive and real-time treatment of large volumes of data (integrated in a SCADA management system) and the development and integration of hardware (including a choice of innovative intelligent sensing elements, the development of a hydro power generator and the evolution to Intelligent Operating Zones as opposed to Measurement and Control Zones.

The expected developments will allow the management system to be able to read, store and handle large volumes of information based on IoT architectures (anticipating problems and planning operations, in order to boost the use of information in real time), to present a user-friendly interface, contribute to efficient management of water-energy nexus, ensure quality and safety of water supply, reduce energy consumption and reduce losses. The consortium is made up of Wakaru, Consulting, Lda. and Tecnilab - Portugal - Sociedade de Planeamento Técnico e Científico, S.A..

Date Approved: 2017/06/21

Start date: 2017/05/07

Date to be completed: 2019/11/04

Investment: € 1.224,641.58

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF - € 872,962.42